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I have been trying to think of how I could help or repay our wonderful service men and women but was stumped for a long time.  Being a CNA for years I have worked with elderly vets and seen how they bond with their dogs, they are family not animals.  So when I decided to start breeding again I made up my mind to donate a puppy out of each litter I had as a service dog.  I felt so good about myself, then came the road block!  Most service dog trainers only use rescued and pound dogs which is wonderful, gives the dogs a second chance at life, but didn't do much to help me and what I wanted to do, but I kept searching and finally I found a group.  They use all types of dogs from everywhere. This group tries to match the vet with a pet of their choice. So please if you are looking for a service dog please check them out.


PO Box 1892
DEER PARK, WA    99006
509-276-4364 or 509-995-4517